Where are my results?

Fortunately, you found us and we're here to help you get more out of your PLM Process software. Some examples of incomplete or underutilization of your PLM Process software:

  • Not all necessary departments are entering their spec data.
  • Resources still working in spreadsheets.
  • Data is not up-to-date.
  • When there's an issue it takes more than a few hours to provide complete traceability.
  • Process workflow workarounds.
  • When there's a break in the process the team doesn't know or doesn't know who to talk to.
  • Resources who need data don't have it.
  • Duplicate data.
  • No or incomplete Change Management.
  • NPD or New Product Development gaps.

These are a few examples of an underutilized PLM Process system. Depending on the system you have we can tell you exactly how many users you're paying for and how many are actually logging into the system and when the last time they logged in. We perform this audit for free as part of our initial assessment.

After performing this assessment we've discovered a situation where a client had about 200 licenses and only two resources were logging into their PLM Process system. PLM Process software is way too expensive to not be using it to its full potential or not at all. What could your business do with the money that was spent on 198 unused PLM Process software licenses?

Maybe we're not a good fit but we could at least validate if your software is in-use.

Let's talk about how we get your PLM Process software up-to-speed. The trick is knowing what the true business needs are from a functional perspective and not a technical perspective. Most implementation companies are very technically savvy but are not as strong in functional consulting. Our resources have well over 20 years of experience in that actual industry as Directors and resources from the organization's side of PLM Process.

How many users are not using your PLM System?