Data are facts about your business's processes, products, resources, and performance.

Extract, Cleanse, Format, Upload, and Test.

Have a few thousand specs you'd like to just appear in your system?

Organizations take their data very seriously and understand its level of importance with impact it plays on success. With that said data is often never perfect, and it's ok. You're not alone. We've never seen perfect data. At the end of our migration project it will be.


Data comes in many forms. Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, SQL Developer, and PDF. Knowing different types of systems and formats requires experience to ensure all vital data is collected holistically and methodically. Data is what users need to perform their jobs. If there's no or inaccurate data users won't commit to the system.

We work tireless hours cleansing, collecting, and preparing your data so when we upload it into your new system it improves your business.

Data Governence

Setup requires data be configured and managed with sustainability in-mind. Answering the questions that answer the future state of your system and data. Quality consulting paired with strong technical understanding about systems ensures your systems incorporate a process that ensures data is touched only when necessary. Change management is easy, quick, and requires minimal effort necessary to perform changes, add new, and creation.

How many specs do you have?