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Take control of your PLM system with an experienced PLM Admin.
PLM Admin support configuration, change management, supplier management, day-to-day support, and more.

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bpo or spec admin

Work is not getting done. Resources are overworked or have more important tasks to accomplish. We can help complete and facilitate. Process work is complicated and taking the time to train a temporary resource doesn't make sense and is less work do just keep doing it themselves or not to do it all. Our resources are experienced in PLM process and perform this service for companies just like yours. We don't require as much explanation and only use us when you need us.


  • Tribal Knowledge Retention
  • Consistent Spec Entry by Experienced Resources
  • Configuration Changes
  • Change Management support
  • Wholistic Process Overview
  • Identify Reporting and Efficiency Opportunities

Suppliers - There's a need for supplier data and it's often a full-time job chasing down suppliers to provide their data to a system. We can help with that. Have us continually following up or connecting with suppliers to provide the data you need for a spec. Is their data with the PD resource? Let us help track it down to complete.

Workflow - Production and work stoppage is occurring and there's a workflow stuck in a particular status. Responsible resource is either not currently assigned or has become no longer available. Work is piling up and downline departments are performing workarounds because specs are stuck in particular status. Spec Admin can help facilitate movement of those affected specs. Find the right resource to facilitate approvals so work can continue. Help might be on boarding new resource or process and status of existing workflows.

With visibility throughout the whole workflow process we can ping resources to complete their portion of the process and remind them they have specs waiting in their queue.

QC - Work happens fast and is potentially applied in small increments. Meaning specs can often be incomplete which is not good for the downline department or process. Incomplete specs happen all the time. Specs are touched as the data is made available. Effective QC helps to minimize missing data and help facilitate specification completeness. We can perform QC based on your parameters and ping resources to help provide incomplete data.

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